Robin G. - Captain M.Y. Virginian, 62m

Captain Robin

“I have only arrived at the end of the refit. But it’s the best paint job I have seen so far.”

Lui Anphin, Senior Master - M.Y. LUNA, 115m


“In our experience of using Thraki, we found that the workers and especially the management were extremely flexible and helpful, in what was a very challenging yard period, They helped and guided us thought the challenges involved with this job as well as doing extra tasks along the way, to make sure that the owner and crew were very satisfied with the work on completion.”

Steffen Schmitt - Captain M.Y. Dubai, 162m


“Thraki performed a full external repaint of MY Dubai. Considering the challenging environment, Thraki provided their support with positive attitude to find proper solutions to get the best possible Quality.”

Craig Neill - Captain 40m+ M.Y.

“Ritvan, Tzounet and their team were brought on at short notice to paint the Swim Platform. They were very quick in getting back to me with a quote and understanding of the time constraints we had to get the job done.

The finish was of a high standard and I look forward to working with Thraki Painting again in the future.”

Benefits & Services


Prepared and equipped for any task, our professionalism and experience compliments our hard work ethic, thus  producing results beyond expectations

Quality Control
Quality Control

Throughout the project our quality control members go above and beyond to verify the quality of the project from the first until the very last step.


We match a commitment to principle, with a focus on quality and client satisfaction.

What doesn´t look good to our own eyes, won´t look good to your eyes.


A team of a highly trained professional workforce and in-house Project Managers are at your disposal throughout your project’s duration and after delivery.

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